News: Hundreds of locals gather at the Lower Plenty Hotel to combat Ovarian Cancer

On Saturday 24th of August at 1pm, the Lower Plenty Hotel was filled with over 200 ecstatic men and women with one common purpose – to support Ovarian Cancer Australia.  




Over 1,000 women die each year from the incurable cancer and only 45% of diagnosed women will survive over a 5-year period. Whilst the figures are frightening, it is more concerning that the symptoms are commonly undetected. Leaving many women unaware that they are affected by the life taking cancer.


On Saturday, the Hotel closed the venue’s bustling Bistro, welcoming 220 excited guests and 4 fabulous Drag Queens to host fundraising event – “Lunch with the Queens” in support of the charity.


Joining forces with the community, Lunch with the Queens was backed by over 40 retailers and suppliers across Victoria. Including the likes of Crown Casino, Endota Spa, IMAX Theatre, Natio Cosmetics, Bras N Things and many more. In conjunction with all profits made from the event, the contribution of guests and suppliers, $38,000 was generously raised on behalf of Ovarian Cancer Australia.


Management at the Lower Plenty Hotel says; “we feel strongly aligned with the work that Ovarian Cancer is doing and their unwavering efforts to save lives, increase awareness and urge women to get regular check-ups.”


Manager Kristen Smale says; “working for a company that has a large female employment base, we feel empowered to make a difference. This is why we have decided to partner with Ovarian Cancer Australia.”


Over the last 2 years, the Lower Plenty Hotel and its guests have partnered with Ovarian Cancer Australia, raising over $50,000 for the non-for-profit organisation in just the last 12 months.


The Lower Plenty Hotel continues to support Ovarian Cancer Australia each day and encourages visitors and the wider community to support Australia’s fight against the cancer.


Interested in joining the fun next year? Get in touch today! Phone: 9435 1722 or email