Our taps are getting hijacked – by Mountain Goat Beer

For just one day, the Lower Plenty Hotel is handing the reins over to the experts in handcrafted Australian ale – Mountain Goat Beer. So if you’re a beer lover, why not treat yourself by popping down to the Lower Plenty Hotel on Saturday 26 May!

Mountain Goat Beer cans in an ice bucket

But first, let us serve you five fast Mountain Goat facts


  1. Where it all began

The brewery was born in October 1997 for one special reason.

After travelling around the world, Mountain Goat founders Dave Bonighton and Cam Hines were disappointed with the bland lager in Australia. So they embarked on a new adventure: The pursuit for better tasting beer.


  1. Now owned by a leading Japanese brand

Mountain Goat Beer was bought by Asahi in 2015.

But the Japanese beer giant preserved the unique brewing and branding styles that make Mountain Goat a cut above the rest.


  1. Better for you

When it comes to beers with no preservatives or additives, Mountain Goat leads the way.

Its India Pale Ale was the first beer in Australia to be certified organic. Then, its best-selling Steam Ale came to hold that title.


  1. Smarter for our planet

Mountain Goat serves its beer in cans, which are easier to recycle.

It also gives leftover grains to local farmers and eliminates any harmful emissions and chemicals that come from the production process.


  1. Declared our city’s best beer

In a showdown against Two Birds Brewing at the 2017 Best Brew competition, Mountain Goat came out on top.

Now it’s named Melbourne’s best beer.


Ready to try it for yourself?


On Saturday 26 May, head to our pop-up bar on the deck to purchase your tasting card for just $30.


We’ll then punch your card in exchange for three Mountain Goat ‘Rare Breed’ beers. You can also take it to our regular bar, which will serve even more of the Mountain Goat range.


To navigate your tasting experience and answer any questions, we’ve invited an expert brewer to help on the day. Better yet, we’ll also be giving away plenty of Mountain Goat merchandise, brewery tours and vouchers!


Interested? Then pull out your smartphone and note down these details:


Date: Sat 26 May
Time: 1pm-4pm
Place: Lower Plenty Hotel: 4 Main Rd Lower Plenty VIC


Choose the drink, punch the card and enjoy beer from one of the best in the business.


Excited? Then don’t miss out. Get in touch with us to learn more or gather your friends and family… and we’ll see you at the Lower Plenty Hotel.