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Footy Is Back!

Footy Season is upon us and you can catch the first game of the 2019 AFL season at the Lower Plenty Hotel! Get your mates together, share a pint or a punt and watch your team play on the shown on the Big Screen!

Think you know how this season will play out? Then join our 2019 Footy Tipping Competition!

Footy Tipping. How does it work?

AFL Footy tipping will cost $25 entry.

1st Place 60% of the pool

2nd Place 30% of the pool

3rd Place 10% of the pool

The leader of First half of the season rounds 1-12 will receive $50 venue voucher.

The leader of Second half of the season rounds 13-23 will receive $50 venue voucher.

Double points Round

If you are certain you can pick 9 winners you can select that round to be your double points round. If you get 9 correct tips you will get double points for that Round. You have two chances during the year to select your double points round.  It must be used during the season. If you do not get nine correct you will get double points for the selected winners that you have chosen correctly.

Knockout Competition

 Starting from Round 5 all tipsters will get the chance to win $150 venue voucher. Tipsters will choose 1 team they think will win (CERTAINTY OF ROUND) in that round, but the catch is they can’t choose that team for the remainder of the season if they win in that round. The following round another team MUST be picked and if that wins you continue until you pick a losing team. The entrant who is left standing at the end will win $150 venue voucher.

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