Bad sweaters. Canadian Club cocktails. Free entry.

Welcome to the party of the year

Canadian Club Winter Party

Introducing the first-ever ‘Canadian Club Bad Sweater Party’ – proudly brought to you by the crazy crew down at the Lower Plenty Hotel.


And guess what? You’re invited.


So pull out your smartphone and pop Saturday 26 August 2017 into your calendar right now. While you’re at it, why not rally up your friends to do the same? Go on, we’re waiting.


And here’s the best part: entry into Melbourne’s party of the year is free! Yep, free.


There’s just one condition: you must don your worst, your nastiest, your baddest… bad sweater. We know you’ve got one, so don’t pretend otherwise. (But in case you’ve just done a spring clean, we’re sure your Aunt Meryl or the local op-shop will come through for you.)


To be hosted by leading whiskey-teer Canadian Club, there’ll be cocktail tasters, complimentary canapés and drink specials aplenty. You’ll even get the chance to win lots of glorious goodies and Canadian Club gift vouchers.


And if you’re wearing the best bad sweater on the night? You could win a premium snowboard – proudly sourced from our pals at the Melbourne Snowboard Centre.


Hang on, we’re not finished. No party is complete without a little mood music. That’s why we’ve got some esteemed musicians lined up to entertain you and your friends from beginning to end.


If this tiny sneak peek has tickled your fancy, here’s the lowdown:

When: Saturday, 26 August 2017
: 6pm-12am
: Lower Plenty Hotel – 4 Main Rd, Lower Plenty
Don’t forget
: Your bad sweater


So why the party, you ask?


Well if being cooped up all winter is not enough reason for you, then perhaps the new and improved Lower Plenty Hotel is. We renovated almost a year ago. And ever since, we’ve seen countless smiles from people who’ve enjoyed our stylish new space – including our modern bistro, mega TV on the Terrace and more. And we’re absolutely sure you’ll love it too.


So what are you waiting for? Tell your friends, raid your closet – and reserve your FREE tickets today!